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Help! Flipper episodes [Apr. 8th, 2009|09:45 pm]
Remember That Show?
Can anybody upload the Season 1 Flipper 1995 episodes for me?
I've been searching for them since ever & couldn't watch them on hulu website because it is for US residents only
Thank you
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The Idiot Box - Television This Bad Never Sounded So Good [Sep. 7th, 2008|02:28 pm]
Remember That Show?

It's official guys and gals)!

We have our RSS feed for our brand new video podcast: http://www.idiotboxers.tv/rss/idiotbox-ipod.xml

"The Idiot Box" will be premiering on September 26th, so subscribe now (you'll see the Teaser Trailer) and you won't have to worry about missing a single episode!

For those who would prefer to watch in Windows Media: http://www.idiotboxers.tv/rss/idiotbox-wmv.xml (this points to a bittorrent file)

For those who would prefer to watch on their Tivo: http://www.idiotboxers.tv/rss/idiotbox-tivo.xml (this points to a bittorrent file)

Meet Davey, Chad, and P.J., three typical American slackers with a lot of time on their hands, and an affinity for T.V.

Unfortunately for them, they're too cheap to pay for cable, so the only station they can get on their old beat up set and its rabbit ears is Channel 37, the local UHF station that only shows crappy old re-runs.

Fortunately for them, and for us, they are very resilient and have a good sense of humor. As they watch, they provide a running commentary mocking the show, and occasionally put on little skits to add to the fun.

Join the boys as they take on Captain Video and the Magic Clown, attend Ding Dong School, go out on a dragnet with Friday and Smith, and lots more televisual adventures over the coming months. Television this bad never sounded this good.
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Brady Fans, Unite! [Jul. 19th, 2008|08:02 am]
Remember That Show?

Susan Olsen is raising the bar on reality-show-quality
by focusing on kitten foster care in a humorous way,
but this is a cause she promotes all the time, seriously.

Part of staying on the show is about Susan getting
the most views on her entry in the show's YouTube video contest!

Click here to help her WIN

Additionally, please spread the word to your friends who are Brady Fans, Animal Lovers,
or Spending A Lot of Time Online Anyhow

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Addams Family [Nov. 23rd, 2006|12:48 am]
Remember That Show?
Hello, everyone!
I just recently purchased The Addams Family show DVDs (season 1 was just released) and realized how great of a show it was. After watching it, I typed it into LJ and realized there are hardly any Addams-based communities--and so I started one:


addamses is meant to be an all-inclusive Addams Family community for the movies, shows, cartoons, etc. Feel free to join and post Addams Family related discussions, stories, art - anything you'd like!
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Remember that show? [Oct. 7th, 2006|11:00 pm]
Remember That Show?

Not unlike the "what was that book" community, this one is for those who can't remember the name of a TV show, TV theme, a television advertisement, a movie - all those sorts of things. Simply desribe it what you can't recall, and hopefully people will be able to help!

If you can remember, try to include:

An approximate time period/era
Names or descriptions of main characters/concept
Country it was aired in
Station it was on
Time (ie mornings or afternoons)
type (educational, gameshow, cartoon etc)

Try to keep posts relevant to televised broadcasts or films.

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